Complete financing solutions for your next car

Founded based a growing need that in today's market, clients require immediate capital without the hassle or application process of a conventional loan.

Complete financing solutions for your next car Leasing, Financing, Subscription for Canadians and Newcomers

Our Financial Services

  • In-House Leasing
    Why Leasing?

    Flexibility with Easy Upgrades

    Fewer Responsibilities of Ownership

    Why TEDA?

    Fully transparent contract

    One Price Policy

    Maintenance Included

  • Subscription
    Why Subscribe?

    More cars, less commitment

    No Extra Maintenance

    Peace of Mind – Insurance, Roadside Assist

    Why TEDA?

    Large Range of Cars Available

    Dedicated mobile team that come to you

    Super easy and user-friendly application

  • Financing
    Why Finance?

    You can borrow 100% of the car’s purchase price

    Helps you establish credit

    You can spend the cash on other important things

    Variety of banks to chose from

Dedicated Customer Service

Our Team

Expert service team with auto industry experiences

Whenever and Wherever

  • Always here

    24/7 call center operation Response and confirmation within 48 hours from the receipt

  • Easy application process

    Minimized the application process Fast approval

  • The TEDA Protection Plan

    Undercoat Protection GAP Insurance Protection against the unexpected

Get approved for the car that you want in under 24 hours – completely online.

  • Always on call
  • Professional team
  • Come to you

Global Credit

  • Arrive and Thrive

    TEDA Credit is the premier cross-border bureau. Lack of a domestic credit history keeps millions of immigrants in Canada from realizing their dreams. We help newcomers and other global citizens apply for financial services using their international credit history from countries including China, Australia, Brazil, India, Mexico, Nigeria, South Korea, and the UK.

    Global Credit Mission

    We strive to enable the flow of humans not just for their economic potential, but because of the value of that movement itself in bringing new perspectives, creativity, community, and innovation. For TEDA GLOBAL Credit, we are here to dream up a world beyond borders and our mission is to inspire and facilitate the flow of human diversity.

    What problem are we solving?

    All newcomers to Canada are rendered "credit invisible" upon arrival because Canadian underwriters can't access international credit data. Even if they have a good credit rating at their prior home countries, recent immigrants often struggle to accomplish the most basic tasks such as getting a car loan, a cell phone plan, a credit card, or student loans.

    What is our innovation?

    For most countries, TEDA Credit aligns the country-of-origin credit score to Canada credit risk levels by matching the default rates. For example, a score of 1050 in the originating country that represents a default rate of 3% might equate to a score of 710 at the same default rate in Canada In that case the consumer’s score is adjusted to 710 for Canadian underwriting purposes.